Since our inception 18 years ago, The Resource Innovation Group’s business model has been to identify gaps or factors that limit progress in the climate and sustainability fields, launch a program to address the issue, then when it is sufficiently robust spin off the new model so that it can grow on its own. 

We decided the time was indeed right to spin off our Climate Access program for two reasons. First, after a year of planning, in the fall of 2013 the TRIG board of directors voted to refocus our work on building psychosocial resilience to climate disruption and on integrated systems-based climate solutions. Second, we felt that it was time to increase the scope and reach of Climate Access by shifting it to an entity that includes other communications oriented organizations. The Foundation for National Progress is a great fit because it serves as a home for Mother Jones, The Climate Desk, the Communications Consortium, and others. 

We are confident that this move will allow Climate Access to become even more influential in the field of climate communications.

You can continue to find information about Climate Access at: