Bob Doppelt's Newspaper Column

TRIG Executive Director Bob Doppelt writes a montly column for the Eugene Register-Guard and other Oregon newspapers. At right, Bob writes from the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Bob is also the author of award-winning books.

4.25.19 Fossil Fuel Industry Exploits People of Color

3.28.19 Legislators Must Face Climate Crisis

3.2.19 Climate Change Will Test Human Spirit

1.31.19 Engage All Americans in a Climate Mobilization

12.27.18 Climate Recovery Can Start Locally

11.29.18 Strong Regulations Are Good For Climate And Economy

10.25.18 New tactics needed to avert catastrophe

9.27.18 Oregon’s ‘Wild and Scenic’ rivers need more protection

8.30.2018  Local press vital in keeping spotlight on climate change

7.26.18 Books Help Parents, Kids Engage in Climate Activism

6.28.18 Business-As-Usual Mindset Threatens Ecological Version of 2008 Crash

5.30.18 Arresting climate change requires reducing consumption-based emissions

4.26.18 Both Sides of Eenergy Equation Must Do More to Cut Emissions

3.29.18 Eugene Must Work Harder to Meet Greenhouse Gas Goals

2.22.18 Eugene Won’t Meet Its Carbon-Reducing Goals

1.25.18 Resilience Crucial in Advancing Sustainability 

12.28.17 Small Oregon Towns Think Globally, Act Locally

11.30.17 Major ‘Cultural Swerve’ on Climate May Be Near

10.26.17 Book Proposes 80 Ways to Cut Carbon Emissions

9.28.17 Far-right oligarchs thwarting action on climate

8.31.17 Eclipse Reminds Us of Interconnectedness of Life

7.27.17 Gore's Back With Even More Inconvenience

6.29.17 Climate Change is Coming-Time to Prepare

5.25.17 Facts That Challenge Beliefs Are Swept Aside

4.27.17 A Fossil-Fuel Agenda Can’t Stop Clean Energy 

3.30.17 Astrobiological View Might Help Us Save the Planet

2.23.17 Deniers Persist, Despite Climate Change Facts

1.26.17 Ecological Economics Begin at the Local Level

12.29.16 Eugene is Better Off Because of Kitty Piercy

11.25.16 To Thrive, We Must Adjust to Today’s Realities

10.27.16 Eugene Can Lead Way in Addressing Climate Crisis

9.29.16 Democrats’ Response to Climate Change Tepid

8.25.16 Long, Cynical Campaign Fuels Climate Denial

7.28.16 Violence Prevention Programs Can Work

6.30.16 Insular Viewpoints Often Become Self-Serving

5.26.16 Oregon Should be First Trauma-Informed State

3.31.16 Timber Management Suit Reflects Bad Policy

2.25.16 Carbon Limits Among Steps Needed to Save Future

1.21.16 US Policy has Exacerbated Crisis in Middle East

12.24.15 World Finally Grasps Climate Change Threat

11.27.15 There's a Better Cheaper Way to Fight Wildfires

10.22.15 Reorganize Economy to Run on Renewables

9.24.15 Effects of Climate Change Demand Resilience

8.27.15 To Lower Crime, Learn Trauma Coping Skills

7.23.15 Teaching Old Laws New Tricks on Climate Front

6.25.15 YMCA Buildings Should be as Green as Can Be

5.28.15 Forest Service is Slow to Change but Must Embrace Climate Role

4.23.15 It's Time to Begin Bracing for Effects of Climate Change

9.14.14: Obama Must lead at United Nations Summit

5.6.14: Climate Change Caused by Flawed Beliefs

2.5.14:  Forest Planning Needs to Look Ahead, Not Behind

10.28.13: Perils of living in a trauma state

10.2.13: Simple proposal won’t solve complex problem

7.11.13: Obama’s climate speech was only a good start

6.24.13: Market signals cause wrong turn at EWEB

5.20.13: Climate change demands our best instincts

4.3.13: Climate change rains on Ayn Rand’s parade

1.30.13: Solution starts with a national climate summit

12.31.12: Social businesses pose promise and questions

11.19.12: Heed Sandy, and stop ignoring climate change

10.29.12: Debates fail to address root causes of problems

10.15.12: All departments need to follow UOs green path

9.9.12: Scientist ushered in new era of land management

7.30.12 Obama should declare a climate emergency

7.9.12 Don’t confuse freedom with selfishness

5.30.12 Global warming will force costly adaptations

4.22.12 Religious groups call for action on climate change

4.4.12 Leaders turn backs on most important issue

2.6.12 Economy of conservation creates local opportunities

12.2.11 Oil from tar sands one of the world's dirtiest fuels

11.30.11 Petition targets climate change as moral issue

10.20.11 Occupy protests show the need to change from 'me' to 'we'

10.15.11 Forest can help prevent runaway climate change

9.12.11 Ecological woes linked to inequality

8.3.11 Efficiency in energy use is imperative to staying free

7.10.11 Reducing fuel for wildfires not likely to be a 'carbon offset'

6.21.11 Those in denial deny us climate change tools

6.2.11 Make products 'less bad' isn't sustainable

5.10.11 Climate Change makes extreme weather normal

4.22.11 Earth Day calls for celebration, new dedication

3.16.11 Giant cane an intriguing idea for PGE

1.26.11 Tackle climate issue now or pay the piper

12.28.10 Doing the right thing on climate change a moral obligation

12.2.10 Climate change efforts go on without Congress

11.18.10 On climate change, the world should look to Eugene

10.28.10 Sadly, Hatfield's bipartisan rivers bill is a thing of the past

10.13.10 Candidate's view on climate needs revision

8.13.10 Blame widespread in failure to pass a climate change bill

7.28.10 Climate Change deniers follow script of tobacco industry

6.21.10 Energy challenges may bring 'green' growth to Oregon

6.10.10 Reducing energy use helps the Earth and the bottom line

5.19.10 Envision climate change as part of Eugene's planning effort

4.29.10 With global warming, the stakes are too high to do nothing

3.2.10 Climate regulators should learn from financial meltdown

2.17.10 Fighting climate change is good politics, polls show

2.3.10 We Can Use Climate Change as an Opportunity to Create

1.10.10 Carbon emissions bring ecological debt we can't afford

12.30.09 Despite Copenhagen missteps, progress is still possible

12.26.09 Copenhagen Accord: Framework for future climate pact is main win

12.24.09 At worst, climate summit was a failure; at best, it's a start

12.19.09 Climate Change Conference: How did it come to this?

12.17.09 Drowning Country Clear Sign that Global Warming is Here

12.15.09 Human Stories Make Global Warming Real

12.11.09 If There's No Trust, Climate Change Talks Just a Lot of Hot Air

12.1.09 Ethics Key to Fighting Global Warming

11.24.09 Utilities are wise to prepare for effects of climate change

11.2.09 Achieving sustainability the key to businesses' survival

10.11.09 Big climate-change challenge is altering human behavior

9.21.09 Ideology trumps ecology for many climate change doubters

8.18.09 Global warming—Eugene businesses do their part

8.4.09 You can save a lot of energy by stopping wasteful behavior

7.12.09 Climate advocates allow lofty goals to get watered down

7.01.09 For now, cap and trade all we've got to save the planet

6.21.09 Health system unprepared for the effects of climate change

6.01.09 We don’t have 10 years to cut carbon emissions

5.10.09 British city a model for green living

4.27.09 Debt is deadly, and a lot of it is environmental

4.15.09 Denmark proves that green power can pay

4.05.09 Climate change: no excuse for inaction

2.24.09 Pay to stop warming now or really pay later

2.16.09 Climate change actions can’t wait

2.09.09 Population, consumption key to climate solutions

1.26.09 Climate change naysayers going on the offensive

1.12.09 First Oregon climate model sobering

1.05.09 Retiring older motor vehicles helps economy, environment

12.29.08 How about bailing out the earth?

11.26.08 Despite hard times, green businesses optimistic

11.16.08 Obama has a lot on his plate, but climate is paramount

11.09.08 Climate change: Where legislators stand

10.20.08 Change culture, not laws

10.07.08 With finances and emissions, we must live within limits

9.22.08 Big Oil sows confusion, reaps Ike

9.14.08 Climate change is truly a global problem

9.10.08 Cap and trade is not the solution

8.27.08 Local utilities uncertain over climate change

8.13.08 Officials would act locally on climate

8.3.08 Many clerics see need to fight warming

7.29.08 The source of the oil matters

7.21.08 Halting climate change starts at home

7.07.08 New findings closing gaps in global warming research

6.30.08 People ready to act on climate change

6.22.08 You want costly? Try doing nothing

6.15.08 Climate change inevitable, so let’s be prepared for it

6.01.08 China can rebuild smarter, cleaner

5.28.08 McCain due global warming credit

5.19.08 April snow an anomaly in global climate trend

5.5.08 Offsets have a place in carbon control efforts

4.28.08 Globe warms for all political stripes

4.13.08 Climate change spells coal phaseout

4.6.08 How carbon cutbacks will affect the economy

3.31.08 Fight climate change on two fronts

3.24.08 State climate change group has big job

3.16.08 Energy solution begins with efficiency

3.4.08 Clean energy benefits earth and business

2.24.08 Climate 'weirdness' demands attention

2.7.08 Climate change solutions aren't obvious

1.20.08 Global warming: Yes, it is very real

12.07.07 Quick action key in climate change