Cara Pike

Social Capital Project


Cara Pike is the Director of TRIG's Social Capital Project, an initiative aimed at building the base of support for green issues and Climate Access, the network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon resilient communities. Cara was formerly the Vice President of Communications for Earthjustice. In this role, Cara built a full service internal communications agency for the organization’s eight offices and International Program, staffed with a top notch team of environmental communicators responsible for public affairs and brand strategies.

A guerilla marketer at heart, Cara has direct experience in visual communications, marketing and promotions, online communications, storytelling, branding, strategic planning, and event production. Before joining Earthjustice, Cara was communications and public affairs director for an award-winning holistic health product company, known for its social and environmental responsibility programs.  She speaks regularly on green marketing and social change and contributed to Strategies for the Green Economy published by McGraw Hill in October 2008. Cara was a founding board member of the Global Footprint Network, is a member of David Suzuki's Stonehouse Standing Circle and serves on the boards of Resource Media and the Hollyhock Educational Foundation. 

With a Masters of Science in Environmental Communications from California State University-Fullerton and a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Communications and Environmental Science from McGill University, Cara has a deep understanding of environmental issues and how they intersect with cultural trends and concerns. As an avid outdoors woman and skier, Cara brings an experience of the wild to her work as well.