SE Florida Regional Climate Compact

TRIG's Climate Leadership Initiative successfully organized and managed the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact, which was awarded a 2010 Sustainability Leadership Award by ICLEI. The Climate Compact covers a population of 5.5 million across Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties and accounts for one-third of Florida’s total economy.

The formation of the Compact was announced at the first regional Regional Climate Leadership Summit in the fall of 2009 and was then ratified by January 2010 with the adoption of the Regional Climate Compact as ordinance by each county commission. Annual Regional Summits mark the progress of the compact, the Third Regional Climate Leadership Summit was held in December 2011.

This fall, Monroe County will host the highest profile summit to date in which the much anticipated the Regional Climate Action Plan will be launched and publicized. 

The SE Florida Regional Climate Compact shows that coordinated county- and citywide climate change mitigation and preparedness planning efforts gain critical reinforcement and consistency from a shared regional vision. This innovative approach to “regional resiliency” enables planning efforts to integrate human and natural systems, the ability to leverage scarce local resources, and the creation of economies of scale for state and federal agency engagement. 

CLI is working with the compact counties to reduce emissions, protect existing natural systems, target degraded areas for restoration, and achieve resilient and sustainable development within the urban center of Southeast Florida. Our multi-year commitment includes strategic policy insight and technical assistance in developing a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory, a robust set of climate impact scenarios, and assistance in developing a comprehensive regional climate change action plan.

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