Climate Masters at Work Toolkit

This toolkit has all the materials and resources you need to help you get your Climate Masters at Home program off the ground and keep it up to date. Our intent is to share materials developed by the Climate Leadership Initiative as well as those we've compiled from other Climate Master programs across the country. We encourage you to adapt the materials to your community’s needs.

If you would like to share materials you've developed or obtain the InDesign files for pdf files below, please contact TRIG. All materials on this page were developed by TRIG unless otherwise indicated.

Getting Started

Partnership/Sponsorship Request

Promotional Materials

"Is Your Business In the Green" Poster

Class Materials

Sample Syllabus, Lane County, 2009

Sample Class Agendas, Lane County, 2009

GHG Inventory Tool (Adapted from City of Seattle)

Participant Handbook

Certificate of Completion

Evaluation Materials 

Pre-session Participant Survey or test survey online here.

Post-session Participant Survey or test survey online here.

Mid-session Participant Evaluation

Final Participant Evaluation

Presenter Evaluation