Climate Masters at Home Toolkit

This toolkit has all the materials and resources you need to help you get your Climate Masters at Home program off the ground and keep it up to date. Our intent is to share materials developed by the Climate Leadership Initiative as well as those we've compiled from other Climate Master programs across the country. We encourage you to adapt the materials to your community’s needs.

If you would like to share materials you've developed or obtain the InDesign files for pdf files below, please contact TRIG at or call 541-744-7072. All materials on this page were developed by TRIG unless otherwise indicated. 

Getting Started

Climate Master Handbook for Program Organizers

Sample Budgets

Sample Funding Request (coming soon)

Participant Application

Adaptable Climate Master participant handbook (InDesign CS4)

Promotional Materials

Class Flyer - City of Eugene, 2011 (pdf)

Bus Poster (pdf)

Class Flyer - Benton County, 2009

Consultation Flyer (pdf)

Script promoting consultations

Public Service Announcement promoting consultations

Press Release announcing program results


Newspaper Ad (For Albuquerque by NM Department of the Environment)

FAQ - Benton County, 2009

Volunteer Materials

Tabling Overview for Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Protocol

Banner for tabling at events (pdf)

Carbon Calculator template

Consultation Materials

Class Materials

Sample Class Handouts/Agendas - Lane County, OR, 2009

Sample Class Agendas - Benton County, OR, 2009

Template PowerPoints

The PowerPoints below can be used by guest presenters, program facilitators, or by trained Climate Masters as is. The presentations may also be used as a guide for designing presentations on these topics. Information can be changed to reflect local resources.

*If you are updating the presentation to reflect new research, please let us know so that we can update the template.

Home Energy - updated 4.11 (PPT)

Transportation - updated 2.10 (PPT)

Yard and Garden - updated 5.11 (PPT)

Food - updated 5.11 (PPT)

Consumption - content updated 11.09 (PPT)

Water - content updated 8.09 (PPT)

Transportation Activity

Food Activity

Certificate of Completion

Evaluation Materials

Mid-session Participant Evaluation

Final Participant Evaluation

Presenter Evaluation

Pre-Survey for Participants (pdf of online survey) or test survey here.

Post-Survey for Participants (pdf of online survey) or test survey here.

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