ITRC 2019 New England Transformational Resilience Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Workshop for Practitioners Seeking to Help Individuals, Families, Organizations & Communities Build Capacity to Cope With Climate Traumas & Toxic Stresses in Ways That Increase Wellbeing
When:   Thursday-Friday, March 14-15, 2019
Where:  The Non-Profit Center, 89 South Street, Boston, MA. 




The conference is sponsored by the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC)a network of over 350 resilience, mental health, trauma treatment, climate, faith, education, disaster response, and other professionals working around the world to prevent harmful psychological and psycho-social-spiritual reactions to climate impacts and help people use them as transformational catalysts to increase human & ecological wellbeing. 

Workshop Co-Sponsors Include:  

·       American Pubic Health Association

·       University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute

·       Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment

·       Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW), MA.

·       Vermont Climate and Health Alliance

·       350 New Hampshire

·       Willamette University Dept. of Psychology

·       Other Co-Sponsors to Come


Why Attend The Transformational Ressilience Train-the-Trainer Workshop?

Transformational Resilience (TR) is designed to help leaders in any field learn--and learn how to teach-- neuroscience-based information and psychological and psycho-social-spiritual resilience building skills and tools. The information and skills are designed to help children, families, groups, and communities increase their capacity to respond to climate (and other) disasters and persistent overwhelming (toxic) stresses without harming themselves, others, or the naural environment, and use them as transformational catalysts to increase person, social, and ecological wellbeing.

The TR program is focused on preventing serious psychological and psycho-social-spiritual impacts resulting from rising global temperatures before they occur. That’s essential because global temperatures are set to rise by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2C) above preindustrial levels in the near future, or higher. The disasters and persistent overwhelming (toxic) stresses that result will greatly add to the existing stresses people experience in their daily life, leading to both a predictable and surprising mix of traumatic experiences for millions. It will not be possible to treat all of the people adversely affected be psychological or psycho-social-spiritual maladies as global temperatures rise. Prevention is the only possible and effective solution. 

The Transformational Resilience Train-the-Trainer Workshop emphasizes learning information, skills, and tools that can help people use adversities as transformational catalysts for personal and collective growth. Research and ample experience show that, rather than "bouncing back" to pre-crisis conditions (the traditional concept of resilience), the most resilient people use crises as opportunities to learn, grow, and find new positive sources of meaning, direction, and hope in their lives. This is important because it will not be possible to return to pre-crisis conditions as global temperatures rise close to 3.6 degrees F above pre-industrial levels.

As climate change worsens, individuals and groups will need knowledge, skills, and tools that help them find new sources of meaning in the adversities, revise their perspectives, and adopt new priorities about what is important in life that offer hope and inspiration while engaging in activities that help reduce the climate crisis to manageable levels. Indeed, for millions of people climate change is likely to be a profound teacher about what’s really important and how they want to live our lives.

Participants in the TR Train-the-Trainer workshop should be prepared for a very intensive two days. They will continually learn information and skills, break into small groups to teach them to others, receive constructive feedback, and incorporate the information in additional rounds of teaching and feedback. They will also be assigned daily assignments.

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Registration Fees:

Regular Rate:    $395 per person

Early-Bird Rate: $295 per person (ends January 15, 2019)

Group rates for 6 or more people attending from the same organization are available, as are a limited number of partial scholarships for full time graduate students and individuals with limited incomes. Contact the ITRC at for more information.

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