Climate Preparedness Publications

TRIG Releases Willamette Valley Food Systems Report

The Resource Innovation Group is releasing a new report and accompanying materials Click here to read the report, “Willamette Valley Food Systems: Opportunities for Increasing Climate Change Mitigation and Preparedness, Food Security, and Economic Development.” To download and view the accompanying materials for this report, Click here

Climate Preparation-Mitigation Nexus

TRIG's latest research report, Can Climate Change Preparedness Efforts Spur Greater Interest in Emission Reductions?, suggests that our efforts to improve adaptation planning through our Climate Futures Forums process has led to greater interest in climate change mitigation in the regions where we worked.



Unique Survey of 65 Climate Leaders

In the fall of 2010 TRIG director Bob Doppelt interviewed 65 leaders involved with climate change from national, regional and local organizations around the country to obtain their views on the key obstacles and priorities for making progress in the coming years. Click here to read the report, Making Progress on Climate Change in Challenging Times, which summarizes his findings. 

Climate Futures Forums

Lower Willamette

Climate Change Resiliency in the Lower Willamette Region of Western Oregon (2011)   (Click here for high resolution version of full report)

Climate Change Resiliency in the Lower Willamette: Summary for Decision Makers (2011)   (Click here for high resolution version of summary report)

 Lower Willamette Basin Climate Modeling Results (2009)


Preparing for Climate Change in the Klamath Basin (2009) 

Klamath Report Executive Summary

Klamath Basin Climate Modeling Results (2009)

Upper Willamette

Preparing for Climate Change in the Upper Willamette River Basin of Western Oregon (2009)

Executive Summary

Maps and Graphs


Preparing for Climate Change in the Rogue River Basin of Southwest Oregon (2008)

Executive Summary

Maps and Graphs


Other Modeling Reports

Mid-Willamette Basin Climate Modeling Results (2010)

Umatilla Basin Climate Modeling Results (2010)

Public Health

Public Health and Climate Change: A Guide for Increasing the Capacity of Local Public Health Departments

Ready for Change: Preparing Public Health Agencies for the Impacts of Climate Change

Leading by Example:Emissions Reductions in Public Health Agencies

Climate Change Health Preparedness in Oregon (2009)


Toward a Resilient Watershed: Addressing Climate Change Planning in Watershed Assessments


Climate Change Preparation Strategies for the Pacific Northwest (2008)

A Framework for Addressing Rapid Climate Change (2008)

Integrated Framework for Preparing Natural, Built, Human and Economic Systems for Climate Change (2008)

Summary of IPCC Findings on Climate Change: Implications for Oregon and Washington (2007)

Climate Change Preparedness of Oregon Municipal Water Providers in Snow-Transient Basins (2007)

Curbing and Preparing for Climate Change: Handbook for Rural Governments in the Pacific Northwest (March 2007)